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"Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right." - Henry Ford

It all begins with an idea, which turns into a dream, which turns into a "what if" or "can you imagine?" You have this fantastic idea, you can't wait to tell all your friends about. You're glowing and radiating, thinking this is the greatest thing yet. You study about your idea, understand the ins and outs, study how others are doing it, how badly they've failed OR how GREAT they've done so far. You dive into the depths of understanding your market, your ideal customers/clients, your potential audience. You take a course, a class, reach out to your mentor or someone who's been doing it already. Ask questions, become curious. You feel like you're ready to set sail.

But doubt then fills inside of you. Say hello to Sir Imposter Syndrome. Yep, he ain't going no where, he's here to stay. He's here to pop up when you see someone else doing the same thing as you are, thinking to yourself well they're doing x,y,and z... so why would anybody be interested in what I have to offer? He LOVES popping up on launch day when you don't make a SINGLE sale, telling you that you're ridiculous for thinking you were going to be sold out.

Want to know how to get rid of him in 4 steps? Keep reading on with me...


1- Remind yourself that you thought of your unique brand... that brand that identifies YOUR business.YOU built your brand!

2 - Remind yourself that YOU have a unique story as to how you brought your idea to life! People LOVE a good story, they buy into who you are and what it took to get you here today.

3 - Remind yourself that there could be 2 Starbucks within the same block, & yet people will STILL have a preference of which location they choose to go to.

4 - SO you have a unique business/product/service to provide to people, but no one's buying from you or hiring you because they don't understand & have never heard of what you're offering, therefore Mr. Imposter shows his face & tells you that you're silly for thinking this could be brilliant. WRONG! This is your VERY CHANCE to educate your ideal audience on how they can benefit from your product/service! Explain why ___ could be beneficial to them.



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